About Gospel Television

GospelTV is your family friendly Television Station commited to the body of Christ to bring you programs edifying to your spiritual growth and norishment of your entire family. Waking up in the morning and tuning in to Our Daily Devotional program brings a daily refreshing to your walk with the Lord. Other programs such as Christian Living and Sermons from Home are some of our station productions inspired by the Holy Spirit.


GospelTV started broadcast in 2017 as an avenue to reach everyone seeking the truth and refreshing from Jesus Christ.  With the inspiration from the Holy Spirit, the station was founded in faith and broadcast 24/7.


As the newest Christian Television station in Canada we follow a model and blueprint that puts the Lord first. Trememdious blessings from the Lord has been provided to advance this vision to every home in Canada.


From the daily response we get from viewers and supporters around the world it is amazing to see how the Lord touches viewers.


Meet the Founder and President of GospelTV


A bond servant of our Lord, Gospel Music recording artist and Software Engineer, Kunle Oluwojure ministers inspiring worship and leads many in worshiping. From decades of serving in Canada Christian Communties, him and his wife Nadine Oluwojure has been working with many Christians across Canada to have an avenue where believers can express their calls and be effective in the body of Christ.


With such motivation and inspiration from the Holy Spirit, GospelTV was founded. Kunle's core purpose is to see media on all digital outlets turn to a place where believers tune in to get norishment and unbelivers can always count on an opportunity to hear about Jesus Christ and His saving grace for them.


Kunle host Times Of The End program on GospelTV, a signature program targeting the times we are living in as a church age and the world. A critical part of the foundations of the station is to enlighten the world about things to come as written in the Bible


Our Contact Information:




Gospel Television

1700 Kramp Road, P.O Box 268, Breslau Ontario N0B 1M0


Phone: 519-648-3328 Ext 211


Email: office@gospeltv.ca