Video Editor


Direct Report/Supervisor:Media Inc.


Following is an overview of the duties that the Video Editor must coordinate,organize and execute:

Work with Gospel TV’s approved software (Adobe Premiere Pro) and graphics packages.

Ensure at all times that the Gospel TV and Media Inc. values of productions and production guidelines are maintained and followed by collaborating with program producers and production teams.

Work with external content providers to download and export content to the GospelTV broadcast specifications

As an editor, work with Producers and Production teams to present content with maximum effect by selecting and combining the most effective visuals and footage, into sequences and make corrections to filming errors using editing tools provided or with external sources where possible.

Enhance video content, programs and promotions by editing video to include dialogue, music, sound effects, rendering graphics and animation elements.

Create graphics for marketing team as directed and required.

Work with Social media team to produce / create successful videos to fitplatform.

Create all graphic elements (animated, static, program credits) to enhance all programs, select appropriate music that help define show branding. Works with producers and production teams to create unique Intros and extros to programs as assigned.

Work with Producers and Production teams to acquire knowledge of all programs to enhance editing of programs.

Work with production team to acquire knowledge to Shows in order to enhance editing of programs.

Make suggestions to enhance programs.

Hours: 40 Hrs/Week


University Degree/College Diploma in Video Editing

Minimum 2 Years experience using Adobe Premier

Knowledge of IPTV and IP Broadcast Technologies

Basic knowledge of IP routing

Passion and Strenght:

Understanding of Bible scriptures

If you are interested and you have a Reel, submit your details to